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EZGrip Mat Mover

​​Why would I need an EZGrip?
Today most horse owners know and understand the importance of well maintained
stall mats.  And every stall mat owner knows how heavy and awkward stall mats are
to handle.

The inventor of the EZGrip had this problem and did some research to find out what tools could be used to get a hold of the mat to move it.  Here are some common suggestions he heard:

         Vice Grips   


         Hay Hook

In trying to use these tools he found shortcomings in all of them.  Ordinary vice grips simply did not have enough traction unless you pinch them tight.  Since they grab right on the edge of the mat they could slip loose or even worse tear a piece right out of the mat. 

C-Clamps weren’t as apt to tear the mat but they were awkward to tighten and tended to slip loose.  After having landed on his butt a few times with the other alternatives he wasn’t even brave enough to try the hay hook.  Somehow flying to the ground with a hay hook in his hand just didn’t seem like a good idea.

Then while picking up some sheets of metal at the steel mill he got an idea.  The large tool used to pickup sheets of metal just might work for his mats if he could fabricate it down small enough to be used as a hand tool.

The EZGrip Mat Mover

The keys to the success of the tool was a grip that would hold fast no matter how brittle or slippery the mat might be.  He also wanted to design the tool with a material that would not rust and was durable enough for work in the barn.  He settled on a glass-filled plastic for the body (the glass fiber fill adds strength and durability) and a high impact plastic (Acetal) for the lever. 

After considerable time and effort he finally had a tool that would work. 

Who is DoCo, LLC?

​DoCo, LLC is owned by Don and Cristy Overturf of Arizona.  Don is the former Vice President of Operations and CFO of the largest stall mat manufacturer in the USA.  Don retired from this position and was looking for a good retirement business.  He knew he had found what he was looking for when he saw the EZGrip and spoke with the inventor.

​Don also had experience in the plastics industry and made a significant improvement to the teeth that grab the mat, streamlined the manufacturing, and began an aggressive marketing program to introduce the EZGrip.

​Don and Cristy's philosophy on business is to provide an innovative product to the marketplace, focus on quality, and reduce cost so the product can be offered at a reasonable price.  Their commitment to quality was first evidenced when they improved the grip of the teeth that grab the mat.  They not only improved the product but aggressively went to all the retailers and replaced their inventory with the improved product. "We know that happy customers create more customers, we did not want any product out there that might be a problem" says Don.  " We continue to offer a retrofit kit to anyone with the old style lever".

​Will ​​DoCo, LLC Stand Behind the Product?

DoCo, LLC's policy is to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  We take every contact with a customer as an opportunity to show this commitment, even when dealing with a customer complaint.  When you contact DoCo, LLC with a question or a concern you will receive a quick response that addresses your needs.  We strive for 100%  quality, but in that rare circumstance when we fail the first time we will surely take the second opportunity to wow you with our customer service.

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