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EZGrip Mat Mover

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The EZGrip Mat Mover is the original invention of Jim Connell of Montana.  Jim found a way to make moving heavy stall mats easier and wanted to share his invention with every horse owner. At DoCo we applaud Jim's efforts and have carried on his in his tradition by making improvements and getting the word out.   Try the EZGrip risk free, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.


Give the EZGrip a try, we guarantee you will love it.  If our EZGrip ever fails we'll replace it..  If it doesn't meet your needs we'll get you a full refund.



Inventor Jim Connel demonstrating the EZGrip.

The EZGrip Mat Mover is the answer for the difficult task of moving heavy stall mats.  The EZGrip is effective and durable, made in the USA, and easy to use.  When you buy the EZGrip Mat Mover your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.   If you have any issue with your EZGrip or its operation we will make it right or we will refund your purchase price.  

What People are Saying About the EZGrip Mat Mover:

Below are just a few of the many Five-Star reviews we've received from satisfied customers.

" Best invention ever ! Will never try to move a mat again without these !"
"I am a 130 Lb woman at the age of 55+. I bought 25 mats, the heavy 3/4" 4x6's. They were loaded into my pickup, and I planned to get this project done asap, no waiting around for help. I got my mats unloaded and placed in my lean-to in about 2 hours, with the help of these amazing EZGrip Mat Movers. I bought 2, which I would recommend, so you can get a balanced grip on the mats and move them precisely into place. I would not have been able to position even 5 mats without these EZGrips, let alone 25 of them! These EZGrip Mat Movers are the cats meow, best invention since sliced bread ! And did I mention Amazons fast service? I ordered these on Saturday at 7 am and they arrived at my door by 10 am on Monday ! I was expecting them to arrive on Tuesday, but when I saw on-line that they were delivered, I took off work Monday afternoon, and by 6 pm I had all my mats in place ! Thank you EZGrip and Amazon !"

"Made the task of moving sixteen 14'x4'x1" super heavy stall mats less daunting"

"Ordered 2 of these EZGrip Mat Movers...they were worth their weight in gold! Made the task of moving sixteen 14'x4'x1" super heavy stall mats less daunting. Also, used these to move the more traditional 4'x6' stall mats and it was a breeze. Had some minor issues with the EZGrips slipping off the slicker rubber of the larger mats (we think they may be recycled tires) but we were able to get them to grip with a little extra effort. Made of a heavy duty material...very sturdy. My hubby and I will definitely be keeping a set in the barn at all times!"

​"Where have you been all my life????????"
"Buy these... Buy these right now... If you are reading this review you are interested in them so buy them. Do not pass go and collect money... Gone are the days when I am dreading pulling mats out of the barn for a good pressure washing. These make the job ridiculously easy. I have also found they work on pretty much anything heavy that you just can't get a grip on and wished it had a handle.. So viola an instant handle. Happy shopping."